Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thankful for Smooth Sailing

We have had such a busy 5 months since my Breast cancer diagnosis. I quickly learned that I need to lower my expectations for plans that I make as a family (and especially myself) to keep things sailing smoothly.

Today , I am thankful for family time and the opportunities blogging gives me.

Sunday, we were invited to  'pirate' cruise on Sydney Harbour.

 It was a very warm day and we finished up in the Aquarium (with naughty hot buttered popcorn) for the screening of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - which was released on Blu-Ray 3D & 2D and DVD yesterday.

My boys were so happy about this gig.

In this chapter - Ice age 4 returns with — Manny , the 'grouchy' mammoth (Ray Romano), Diego the soft-hearted sabre-tooth tiger (Denis Leary) and Sid the loveable sloth (John Leguizamo) — who get cast adrift on an iceberg, with Sid’s senile granny , and Shira, a feline love interest for Diego (Jennifer Lopez).

The rugged crew encounter big waves,  a bad band of pirates and treacherous sirens before being reunited with Manny’s family. It’s happy and colour-ful to boot. The music videos at the end will get you into the groove , singing and dancing with the herd.

Scrat , the prehistoric -saber-toothed squirrel is revealed as party responsible for continental drift with some interesting twists.

Thankfully, we sailed on a calm harbour ... with friendly pirates.

Ice age 4 will make a perfect stocking filler this Christmas. It is available for download on Digital HD from iTunes. Also, there is even an Ice Age Village app available for all your i devices and Androids - smartphones and tablets.

Recently, we were sent the Superstar -Popcorn maker for microwave, by Starmaid and the boys love it - not that we tested it to the limit - 12.5cups of popcorn in 2 1/2 mins. They love popcorn and I love how much healthier it is being air popped and where you adjust the seasoning for taste & health.
perfect for afternoon snack or anytime -2 1/2 mins = 12.5 cups

I love family movies that 'adults' can get into as well . Friday night we often take the pressure off of the week's stress with a fun movie and popcorn. The boys have decided we are watching Ice age 4 this Friday night with more popcorn. It is our bonding time as we cuddle up connect as a family and sit close (but not so still - they need to work on that)
How do you keep your family sailing smoothly through troubled waters ? 

PS: - Have you entered to win Playstation3 console and Wonderbook-Book of Spells $399.90