Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Onwards ... Four down, twelve to go !

It feels like small things in comparison to have made it thus far and a relief it hasn't been the insurmountable obstacle I first imagined.

I'm still feeling wiped out from Friday's chemotherapy but definitely pleased to have those first four cycles behind me. It feels like I've scaled one mountain peak with Round 1 over. It can only get better every day from now on. Today, I feel a bit more vitality ...and looking forward to the rest of the week. Hopefully meeting up with friends.

Each blast of chemo cycle I've had slightly different reactions though knowing in a sense what to expect , after the first made it easier. I'm grateful ; reluctant to complain - horrendous as it was . I hope it was killing and mopping up any stray cancer cells.

The next round of chemo, Taxol - a different drug starts in 3 weeks. I have an appointment Thursday to sort the exact dates. It is 12 continuous weeks (1 day a week) through to early January. I only know to expect these 12 cycles are much easier because the nausea isn't so bad.

I'm trying my best not to imagine the worse in the next part of treatment and focusing on life after chemo.

Nausea, I personally found and read , is by far the the less tolerable aspect of chemotherapy.  I imagine it will be challenging to have it weekly for 12 weeks, but like everything else with Breast Cancer, I will adjust and get on with it.We are doing things normally but life is very different. 

I'm still doing lots of reading and research to help my body fight the cancer. I've bought a new juicer . As soon as I recover from Friday's chemo I'll increase the number of fruit & vegetables portions I'm juicing. I can only stomach so much food. My sense of taste is quite affected too.

I made a lot of diet changes , I eat far less meat and dairy and instead lots of vegetables.I don't drink any alcohol . I have a positive mental attitude and I continue to exercise. Though I cut back dramatically the week after chemo,I'm not into pushing my body too hard.

I think chemo induced menopausal symptoms have started with hot flashes and no period in over 6 weeks. I guess the least of my problems. I feel it more at night when I wake up overwhelmed by sudden heat.

In unrelated news , we had 5 days visiting with my family in Sydney. The boys loved spending time with their cousins. I got to one blogging event but missed another I really wanted to attend.

The Drummer boys and their cousin, along with DH & my brother also went to see Ben 10 live on stage on Saturday. The show was a huge hit . Ben 10 and his crew  has headed to to Melbourne now and if you get the chance they highly recommend it.

We have some big changes happening at the farm over the next few weeks too and I'll share them as it comes together.

Do you like my new hammock ? I just need to schedule time to meditate in it ...that's my excuse.