Tuesday, 21 August 2012

This goes with hat

I'm told that a fashionable hat is one of most attractive accessories at any time and is a necessity in a modern wardrobe. 
Now that I'm almost bald I need to not only protect my head from the sun but also feel like I look reasonable in head gear. I will wear scarves too but I'll need something to cover my ears and face a little more outside. Hats are fun and funky too.
Black hats are 'an ideal accessory for those who are very confident and strong. If a woman likes wearing black hats in her daily life, it means that she is extremely confident in everything. Thus, black hats have become more and more popular in fashion world.'

Yesterday I was lucky to pick up 3 hats from Myer for $45 - Black $15 (originally $29.95) The Myer lady was lovely and told me I needed some colour so I also got a  red  $25 (originally $59.95)

Cream Straw/ Shell paper was $5 (originally $29.95)

I am still thinking about a grey...

I'm also interested on Cloche hats circa 1920's and something like this for fun...

Do you wear hats ?