Monday, 9 July 2012

The Pine o cleen kid dances too close to the fire


Yesterday was my birthday and after a delicious home cooked  bacon and egg breakfast (by hubby), I was alerted to the fact Sammy had burnt his right buttock cheek on the slow combustion fire ...the night or day before or  ?

I didn't see him do it and I have no idea when he did it.  Apparently, he said he was touching his toes at the time. Knowing this kid, who likes dancing, buck na ked, in front of the fire - it is likely how he did it. Surprisingly, he did not tell us, but I am sure it was hurting. The boys, both dry and dress themselves independently 90% of the time now.

If I burn a fingertip, I'll moan all night. Initially, it didn't look too bad. I felt a mother load of guilt bad for him.

Through the day, he played 'rough' outside with his brother and 2 cousins. It wasn't bothering him. DH, his cousin and uncle were finishing the backyard fence, so we can keep the dogs contained when we have to go to Sydney for my treatment. DH's nephew, and/or neighbours will be able to feed them.

I noticed Sam preferred standing to being seated , his little seat was sore after all. After his bath about 5pm, I noticed it was looking mucky . I dressed it and decided even being Sunday evening we had better go to A & E for a check up.

We had a quick dinner in town, for my birthday and because the boys were hungry and it wasn't so urgent. Hub waited in the car with Joel. The A & E wasn't too busy fortunately but we did need to wait our turn to see the Dr .

Sam was already asleep with his head on my lap, at almost 11pm when we got called to the examination room. Once Dr Dee had a look , he decided antibiotics were needed and a new dressing. He took a swab and left the room to organise a nurse.

Sam , still tired and grumbling was cuddling up to me whilst standing. I reminded him to be careful because I was still sore (especially where the drain is still in on L side). He asked to look and I showed him 'sparingly'. Neither boy has seen fully the scars crossing my chest, side to side.

He asked why the Drs had to cut me. I explained the Drs had to cut the bad germs out , not going into many details. Sam interest was immediately piqued,
  "I know Mum" - he says smiling - launching into a spiel about the merits of Pine o cleen and it's germ fighting powers - "It gets rid of germs with one swipe".

I had to laugh. He told me he saw it on TV. I can't even remember the last time I saw a Pine o cleen ad. Sam thinks it is this one.

We rarely watch commercial TV so it must have been recently while we were in Sydney.
Goes to show how much even 'boring' cleaning product advertising influences children...or just mine.

A nurse came to dress his burn and antibiotics were given , plus some spare dressing changes. Though what was she thinking - as she demonstrated with her hands and explained  - to ME to hold his cheeks further apart while he did #2 's ??? - a dressing that covers most of his little butt. Hold and picture that image for a giggle (not that it really is a laughing matter). I think I'll change the dressing as required !

It wasn't too bad.

I did not like that she told him - 'they will take Mummy away if he didn't tell us when he hurts himself would he like that ?'

Just another day in tree change. What ad do you or your kids notice most ?