Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One and half mins of your time

A few weeks ago before the kerfuffle started with my bust we got offered the opportunity to review the new LG 3D Smart Cinema TV 47LM6700 with a challenge attached.

That is 47" or 119cm metrical . Pure viewing pleasure.

It was only a loaner. Two weeks was all we got with it , due to the circumstances.
Then we had to pack it up and bring it back to Sydney - since we knew we wouldn't be home for weeks.

Posting a video to You tube, gave us a chance to win it back. I'm telling you it is magic !

Please click over and see how we went for our first real upload to Youtube!

My original video gave hubby hours of grief fun synchronizing the screeching at him audio script ,while he welded the MAGIC REMOTE -  I was just waiting on the cord to upload our film masterpiece from the LG android phone to PC.

Oh, the tragedy when we discovered it missing in PC land or it was deleted from the phone!

It probably wasn't him but I like the slogan and this dude is cute.
This was take #2 , which we rigged up today after I busted out of hospital yesterday. We had to film in our caravan where we are staying.

Disclaimer - This a sponsored competition entry post - The 3 videos with most views could win this 47" beauty .

The LIFE's GOOD - LG news is if I win - I also get ONE to giveaway - which means you have a chance to win ONE too.

So for your viewing pleasure, as many times as you can stand it and mine I present you ...thank you