Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thankful for Choices and warm hugs

I've noticed a lot of people are struggling right now physically and emotionally with their purpose in life, self esteem ~ regarding weight and health issues, relationships and even their blogs.

Some days the sheer weight of the number of choices before us exhausts us .With to do lists as long as {insert your own} -the Harbour Bridge- is it any wonder we give ourselves a hard time.

My mind is buzzing with all the things I have (yes really need) to organise , people to see or annoy or email , or wrangling the kids and school stuff -  that I can't engage the present except for intently checking Facebook updates and emails.

We are burdened with such high expectations that we feel unfulfilled and frustrated.

I find it personally hard to silence my inner critic, to quiet the noise in my head and just go with the flow. If I can't keep up I feel a failure.

I worry about the future and our plans for it , I worry about things that may never happen and I forget to live in the moment.

I ask myself how do I find a balance ?

I know having less choices would be easier but putting things in perspective I have a rich life. Sure I have past regrets about bad choices and bad experiences and I can't change these.

“There are 86,400 seconds in a day. It's up to you to decide what to do with them.”
Jim Valvano

I'm  still letting go of ~ the preconceived ideas about how things are meant to be; the things I can't change and  bridges I don't have to cross. 

I can make better choices ...

I'll focus on practical steps to stay as organised as I can be (plenty of blogs to help me there) ...

I'll focus on my running , getting fitter and stronger...step by step.

I'll find a sense of purpose by engaging in activities or creative pursuits that interest or inspire me...crochet a granny square or make a quilt ...some day.

I'll connect with like minded people and I'll breath deeply .If things don't go my way I try again .. tomorrow or the next or reassess plan B.

I'm making a start today !

Right now I am thankful for the warm hugs of my cherubs, though I have to ask them to not touch my face - because they have 'boy germs' a hacking cough and the green curtains are down in Tissue town.

We have all been unwell this week and they are home from school again today. My husband has also been away for work. It's tough solo parenting and my admiration for single parents is beyond measure.

Many mothers are better at caring for their children (and even friends in need) than ourselves. When our cherubs are hurting or unwell we wrap our arms around them, soothe their worries or injuries , say kind words and nurture them.

It is time we choose to nurture the child inside you ourselves - how about metaphorically giving yourself a warm hug ...say something good about yourself and challenge the inner critic !

Most things will pass , "this too will pass" is my favourite mantra !.

Go gently and make good choices - for you !

? credit unknown - I feel like doing this today except it is raining ...yay for filling water tanks.
So what is good about you (make a new list) ?
If you draw a blank phone a friend...