Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Win Classic Lion King 2 & 3 ~ Giveaway

Do you have family movie nights ?

I still can't believe how long it has been - my 18 yr was a toddler in 1994 when The Lion King was released.

We both loved it ...over and over again. Then the twins found it a few years ago !!

I could never remember the words to Hakuna Matata , "No worries" but the vision of Timon and Pumbaa singing it is imprinted forever. One of those songs you love to ...be annoyed by.

Sir Elton John and Tim Rice's stunning musical score Can you feel the love , tonight ! Is still one of my favourite Disney songs of all time.

We had a softie Simba lion that was well loved and came everywhere with us for a few years.
I bet it is around some where ? As are a few Lion King books and plastic toys.

My twins were thrilled to see The Lion King 2- Simba's Pride and The Lion King 3 review copies arrive - due for release on DVD and Blu-Ray April 4th. Our old VHS video is barely watchable.

Over the weekend we enjoyed the musical, animated glory of The Lion King 2 & 3 with them in a family video night (over 2 nights).

The Lion King 2, is a film for the entire family - it completes Simba’s journey with his daughter Kiara. Youngstar , Kiara is strong-willed cub who seeks adventure and comes up against Kovu, a cub who has been groomed to lead by old Scar’s followers [pride] "the Outsiders". The music/songs are magical again.

The affable Timon and Pumbaa are there again to try and protect Kiara ; watch her destiny unfold with rival Kovu .The “Circle Of Life” comes full circle to restore peace and rejoin the Pride Lands, at Pride Rock.

My favouite was The Lion King 3 - back where is all began and a very witty take by Timon the Meerkat and Pumbaa the Warthog. They share how they came to be , so far from home, best buddies and how they raised Simba, then saved the Serengeti ...and how they tried to stop him falling in love with Nala.

In flash back,  retell the story of The Lion King, cinema style, complete with remote control pauses and funny stops and starts on screen. Disney does not disappoint. The back story of The Lion King’s biggest events unfolds through their eyes [and ours].

The last scene is a Disney classic - see if you can spot all your Disney favourites.

I have two copies of each The Lion King 2 & 3 -  1 x Blu-ray  (set 2 & 3) and I x DVD (2 & 3) to giveaway to celebrate the release tomorrow.

Closes 14th April , 2012


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