Monday, 2 April 2012

8700 Find your ideal figure ~ EASTER SHOW Tickets Giveaway

Yesterday I finally completed week 8 of the Ease into 5k running program.
It wasn't easy , though it was certainly achievable for a non runner like me.

I still don't feel like a runner but I can proudly run 30mins without huffing & puffing falling off the treadmill and without stopping ...just I cannot complete 5km in 30 mins yet.

I have also been walking everyday in between for 40-50 mins or 5km. Burning kilojoules is slow going ... it takes 1-5 mins  to eat what it takes me 40-50 mins to burn. So not fair.

As I head into the Easter break I am going to check out to calculate how many kilojoules I should be consuming each day.

Yes, Easter is about eating celebrating and you don't have to miss out if you make informed and educated food choices. The database on shows all your favourite tasty treats ...
Their Facebook page has all the info too

That freshly baked aroma of Hot Cross Buns wafting from the local bakery; everyone’s Easter favourite might contain over 770kJ to 1100kJwhich is approximately 9% of the average total daily kilojoule intake. (that is before you even add butter)

Do you know how many kilojoules this tasty treat contains ?  ?  ?
Now look up how many kilojoules are in a burger, fries and soft drink combo ? ? ?

Did your jaw drop ?

Using the tools on the website will help you find the kilojoule content in food at major food chains (eg. Bakers Delight, Boost Juice, Subway, Sumo Salad and of course KFC and McDonalds) and you'll also get tips on how to burn those extra Easter kilojoules too!

There’s a section about kilojoules for kids too !! Though my little dynamic duo burn energy at a faster pace than me - I am interested to keep them healthy as possible.

Most importantly to me - is how long it takes to burn off  - say one hot cross bun ? ~ a 50 minute walk, 25 minute cycle or Check the balance and burn calculator for your favourite activity.

Why am I telling you this ?

Making kJ information available for fast foods is one part of the NSW response to high rates of overweight and obesity in the community, and related health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol*

Thanks to the 8700kJ campaign I will enjoy this Easter with all the facts . I need all the help I can get !!

To help celebrate, the NSW Food Authority has given me 20 VIP tickets to the Royal Easter Show at Olympic Park, Homebush on from 5 - 18 April (equivalent to five family passes) VIP tickets to giveaway my readers.

Each individual ticket provides: 
Free entry for one person to the Royal Easter Show . 
Access to the members stand at the main arena . 
Access to the Members' Restaurant, Café and Bar . 
Free children's entertainment daily in the Members' Café . 
Free live entertainment nightly in the Members' Bar 

Please note Transport is not included - travel is at your own cost.

They have app for this too - - perfect for making informed decisions, even on the go :)

Ok - we have to quick now - To win 4 VIP tickets Tell me the most surprising thing you've learned on the 8700 website  - you also need to answer the question in the google doc.

PS : Don't forget the Swap it, don't stop it website

The NSW Government introduced laws for nutrition labelling of foods and drinks from larger ‘fast' food and snack food chains and franchises  Feb 2012.

Congratulations to the winners Laura, LisaW (Life As We know it), Candy, BecciBird,Karen Leschnik