Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thankful for running and Team World Vision

Recently I completed the #C25k - well Ease into 5km using the Bluefin app.
In 8 weeks I was transformed that is a lie !

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

Slowly I have improved.I am still reluctant to call myself a runner ...

 What I think I look like

Call me crazy but I signed up to Bridge to 10km as soon as I finished the C25k.

I am thankful I can run albeit with the grace of rhino !

My friends on social media gave me lots of encouragement when I completed each day's run (3 per week).

Walking is still more my style but running gets you there faster ...and I'd still like to lose a little flab fat !

What gets you there faster ?
Myth: Exercise done at a low intensity, such as walking, is better at fat burning than other high-intensity activities, like running or cardio activities where you push yourself very hard.
The Truth: In a strict scientific sense, these claims are true because working at a lower intensity requires less quick energy and a higher percentage of fat is burned. But you'll also burn fewer calories than you would if, for the same amount of time, you work out at a harder intensity (running versus walking). If you're trying to lose weight, even though a higher percentage of fat is being used, a lower total amount of fat is lost. Find out more here it's very helpful info
Source: via Trish on Pinterest

What I'd like to look like

Making a difference and having a purpose for torturing myself running is my new goal. Have you heard of the Mother's day Classic ?
I'd like to run it but I think I've left my run (no pun intended) a little late this year for fundraising.

The Sydney City2Surf is on Sunday, 12th Aug, 2012 .
I've been wanting to run this event for years  .
I've now got my sights set on it.
Why ?

It doesn't matter if I can't run or jog 14km -I can walk too. The money I raise will make an impact.. ten fold !!

It can make a real difference around the world with 10 x the value of my donation - if I run with team World Vision.

UPDATE - I'm now officially a Team World Vision runner  -  See my hero page here to sponsor me - $5 or $10 every donation will make a difference and have 10 x the impact - you can start sponsoring me now !

The real other reason I run