Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thankful for Rahul and Divya

I know it isn't the done thing to toot your own horn but I will today because Eden - Edenland wants us to spread the word as far as we can ! Eden is in Niger with World Vision to raise awareness about the food crisis in Africa.

I have been a World Vision sponsor for over 24 yrs first it was one child, then in 2003 we got a second child.

Day to day, I don't think much about our World Vision children - sponsorship is debited automatically from our credit card.

We have had a few different children over the years. Divya  we have had for a long time, she is almost 12 (I think I feel terrible I don't know exactly)

In 2003 - we purposefully chose a boy the same age as our 11yr old son from Chile. Victor, was 6 wks younger . We wanted make connections with our boy and our sponsored child. So our son could understand his privileged life.

Victor grew too old or left the WV program in 2008 (our son is almost 19) and we chose another child - from South Africa ~ Ayanda was 5 days younger than my twins.

To be honest , I was considering canceling our second World Vision child sponsorship after they sent a letter saying Ayanda had left the program in 2011 and they were sending us a new sponsored child.

Till ..... I opened the letter and saw the birth date  - 1/9/03 - the same birthdate (though a year older)  as our stillborn daughter, Charlotte. Seriously !

I could not do it. Rahul was like a sign !

Read Eden's post , don't feel guilty about what you have but really think about how you could make a difference.

Raise awareness about this current crisis ~ Eden says 40, 000 children will die . I look at my children and I just cannot fathom the loss.

West Africa Food Crisis - Donate now

Donate a little or a lot - whatever you can give - will be contributing to the lives of children , families and communities

Sponsor a child

If you are able sponsor a child and create a huge impact in the life of a child.

My friend , her husband and 4 children went to Africa to visit their sponsored child - she can testify to the life changing impact.

I am thankful for everything we have, in abundance, for our health and that my children don't have to worry about hunger and malnutrition and the threat of disease and death from dirty water.

I am thankful for World Vision saving children , one at a time and thousands over the years.

I have pulled Rahul and Divya's pictures from my filing cabinet, to put on my fridge, to remind me ...we can make a difference one child at a time.

Follow Eden in Niger  #EdenInNiger hashtag on Twitter.