Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Junk Food TV

A few weeks ago I was invited to an information session with Cancer Council NSW - for the launch of Fat Free TV Guide

This new website helps you discover the number of junk food ads your kids see when watching their favourite show tracks, rates shows by level of junk-food advertising.

My children have hardly watched TV the last 6 months , and when they do I love that ABC2/4 has a zero junk food rating. Yet ...

Did you know that a child who watches 2 hours of television a day will see about 2200 junk food advertisements in a year ~ Junk Busters

The food industry spends millions of dollars to blitz children with junk food advertising during prime time TV viewing for a good reason ...it translates to pester power in the shopping aisles !

The statistics estimate one in four Australian children are considered overweight, and research indicate a high proportion of these kids will become overweight adults. Obesity is a risk factor for many preventable diseases especially some cancers.

I know it is up to us as parents to take some responsibility for what we allow children to both eat and watch on TV - I do let my children eat some junk food , I am not a perfect parent by any means with a totally junk free diet.

When did you last see an ad for celery ? Carrots ? even Fruit ads are rare ! (I now have that Banana ad running through my head...make those bodies sing)

In my opinion this campaign is a great initiative to guide parents and assist them in making good choices and better informing them - save for us watching every single show with them .

What else can you do - go the website and find the links to demand Fat, free TV.