Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Going to school Nude ~ { Giveaway }

Do you stress out about what your children are {or not} eating at school ?

Let me get to it quick !

 I admit my eldest son's (now 18) school lunch would often return home squashed (and soggy from his spilt drink) at the bottom of his bag, with evidence of other friend's snacks & empty packets in his bag too.

I didn't give him any too many processed packaged treats like BBQ Shapes, chips, mini cookies and the like. Lucky for him , one (or more) of his friends  was always in the running for the most popular Mum of the year was a good sharer .

Mr 18 just wanted the same sandwich, nuffin' different - yes I tried lots of ideas. So I usually gave him what he asked - Vegiemite sandwiches (unless he had already eaten all the bread). He was partial to processed canteen lunches occasionally and I know he raided his Dad's bedside pocket change or conned him more often .

He was in 'paradise' when I did Canteen duty each month. I always went prepared to buy his friends a little $omething too. (I still did school canteen in year Seven [First year highschool in NSW] till I was six months pregnant with twins (MOTY runner-up ?)

I wish he had just thrown it in the bin but he wasn't smart enough so I didn't know ...because I did care. Wasted ! Emotions and food and wrappers (plus lost lunchboxes from him leaving them wherever he felt like)
He didn't starve , he would come home and proceed to eat half a loaf of toasted bread and inhale the leftovers in the fridge.

Twin1 & Twin2 are starting kindergarten in 2 weeks {sob} - I have an arsenal hundreds of new ideas to tempt their fussy bite size appetites thanks to

Larissa has a lunch box love and printable schedule to plan ahead and get organised
Mummy Smiles has this list of edible snacks.
Katrina ~ Organised Housewife has this extensive list of freezable treats ideas {submitted by her readers}

Thankfully my twins love fruit,and some raw vegies, so it is easy to choose seasonal fruits and raw vegies they will eat and I am hoping they don't let them out to play till they eat something.

I am also sending them to school NUDE ! No wrappers unless absolutely necessary. 
We have been practicing with the easy flip openings and screw tops , zipping bags - with no trouble at all with this ...

I like the new Nude Mini Lunch mover because it suits my 'kinder' boys' appetites and small school bags better . Take the divider out to fit non sandwich items - rolls, wraps or slices.

I know they will just want to smoosh  food into their gobs quick, then run off to play ; not sit and chew.

Better still it fits inside the cooler bags we already own (you can buy special Nude ones too). I like the idea of everything staying cool and fresh tasting , plus it's rubbish free.

We were also sent a muffin mover to try, I think it is a perfect size for anything really. Sam loves it being pink{clear is available as well}.

I think they are reasonably priced and long lasting ; we've had a bigger lunch mover for a few years.

There is a SMASHING new range to choose from for kids of all ages. Smash & Nude Food Movers also have a new online retailer - www.bonzoo.com.au

Ok, so I can't be bothered might not have time to do these ideas everyday or go all the way. Hopefully I will find my

Lunch Punches
 or I could try these ...

How smug creative and clever are they  1. 2. 3. 4. ? These were just the cute & easy ones. 

I don't want to start competing for kinder mum of the year !

This I might manage

How far would you go to encourage your children to eat lunch ?

To win 1 x Nude Mini Lunch mover and 1 x Muffin mover - tell me something funny about your school lunches ? 
Leave a comment below - easy I will chose 1 winner !

Australian Residents Only
Closes 6th February, 2012

Disclaimer: I was sent 1 x Nude Mini lunch mover and 1 x Muffin mover to review, no financial payment was received. all opinions are my own.