Monday, 5 December 2011

Donna Hay ~ don an apron - Fast, fresh, Simple DVD {giveaway}

I love cooking and Donna Hay is high on my favourites list. The recipes in her magazines and books are stylish but mostly fuss free and great to eat.

We don't have the LIFESTYLE Food channel so I was very excited to get my hooks into her 13 part series (from Madman)

Donna's passion for fast, fresh, simple food has me drooling in my seat.
Her creative genius is partly in the presentation and plating up. Couple that with her creativity for showing us how to whip up easy weeknight meals at home that look amazing - you too can look like a professional.

I love the fact I can use store bought ingredients and save precious time. Each episode is 30 mins too.

Donna reveals her favourite short cuts for a no chop vegetable soup, delicious roast chicken in half the time and pavlova. Little secret twists on traditional fare , not to mention her pavlova ...and the chocolate eclairs . Oh my , Donna has nailed it for those of us who want top results fast and simply.

Focusing on recipes that people can cook at home, this first television series is connected to her book of the same name. Produced by Fremantle Media Australia.
I can't wait for more of what she dishes up.

So what are you waiting for ...This is the perfect Christmas gift for every cook in your family , unless you want to keep her secrets to yourself.

The boring bits aka the terms and conditions.
Australian residents only.
One entry per person.

Please enter your personal details in the document form , then answer the question as a blog comment below.

What is your fast, no fuss , signature Christmas dish ? or {if you don't celebrate Christmas any signature dish} you can leave a link if you like too. I need some inspiration.

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When I get back to my laptop I will give you the links ;-)

I'll pick the winners based on creativity and originality ..don't worry I won't be posting any results of trialling your recipe ideas unless they are sensational ( my cooking that is )

Ps I read on her facebook page today - The beautiful Celebrate issue is on sale - Today !
If you have an iPad, you can also download the stunning Celebrate magazine app for free, with thanks to Royal Doulton!

Take a look inside the mag here:

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