Friday, 9 December 2011

Australian Women’s Weekly

I am often moved to tears by real life inspiring stories of people overcoming challenges... and ...where would we be without the latest heartthrobs {Colin Firth}.

Normally, I quickly skim through the regular features ~ fashion& beauty, family ideas, health updates, quick and easy recipes I can make at home, till I settle down with a cuppa and a special feature.

The Internet will never replace magazines for me. I don’t pick up every issue like I used too. While I have subscribed to various offers over the years I am not currently a subscriber. I’ve often purchased things I’ve seen reviewed or featured in their ads which sometimes are like a featured article.

"this is just a few"

It wasn’t a regular feature but it caught my eye, on the front cover – Life Lessons- Happiness is learning to be grateful. I checked the contents and I flicked over to page 79 ~

Titled: A year of living GRATEFULLY.

It focuses on the grateful movement sweeping the country, transforming lives as the grateful project participants take a photo a day of something they are thankful for.

A daily reminder to stop and smell the roses (literally something that is very close to my heart).

Day by day people have been searching for things that bring happiness and thankfulness.

The article mentioned champion rower, Rachael Taylor who started her 365 gratitude project as a disillusioned mother. She soon became a blogger- posting her daily grateful photos - so that captured my immediate attention too.

I was interested to know it started by another mother Hailey Bartholomew who in 2008, who inspired another mother, Felicity. She used her Facebook page to post her daily snapshots of grateful.

My favourite quote is by Felicity
“I think we have a tendency to think about the things we are missing in our lives and the things we haven’t achieved instead of seeing how blessed we really are”

This nails it for me – that by taking a simple photo people can find joy. It also reminds me to not to get stuck on where I am look around and celebrate.

By seeking out and capturing those wonderful mundane things  ; like the washing on the line, fresh baked bread, a flower or children playing , we shift the focus and create something positive.

The images in this article appealed to me and gave me some great ideas of my own.

As much as I want to I doubt I could commit to a full 365 Gratitude project. The article has inspired me to start the New Year seeking out some happy moments of grateful, be it the mundane or that little bit of magic in my own life through 2012.

Reading this article in Women’s Weekly Magazine won’t transform my life but it certainly fires up a bit of passion in me and makes me think about living more gratefully.