Thursday 17 November 2011

Thankful for laughter, love and life.

I am thankful for my twin sons' laughter…they remind me how simple happiness can be, even when bad things happen. 

I am so thankful Joel's accident wasn't worse , teeth can be fixed for the most part. I am letting go of my misery.

I’m thankful for having met such a sweet guy on a blind date 23yrs ago [Oct 15th] and we started our relationship a month later on 15th November . Here we are today, it fills my heart with thanks.

I am thankful for my amazing twin boys…miracles conceived by IVF ; transfered as day 5 Hatched blastocysts (if you know what that means) on 14th November 2005  ... here is what I wrote on a forum back then

I now have 2 hatched blastocysts on board - no frozen embryos though - this one is going to work so won't need any !
I have 2 weeks to my beta though - or maybe I will POAS* if I feel the time is right....
No wonder they teach me patience every day !  ... I waited 14yrs to get pregnant with them.

*Pee on a stick :) and I did early 23rd November !

What are you thankful for ?