Monday, 21 November 2011

Outside my window

Outside my window… It's raining :) , farmers love rain and the kids love mud pies.

I am thinking... that I need to clear my Google reader because it hasn't been eyeballed for 2 months. Of course I've been reading you !

I am thankful for My husband of 21yrs +

that we can love, laugh, forgive and move on ...
his enduring patience love. He also makes the best cup of tea.

I am wearing… jeans and hubby's t shirt (I'm lazy and most of mine are on the line wet)

I am remembering… all the things I must not forget to do

I am going… to do a photography course next year

I am currently reading… zip - I'm catching up on blogs !

I am hoping…I find a money tree growing at home.

On my mind …selling our home most likely we will be renting our house now !

Noticing that… I still have a lot of unpacking to do so we can clear out the caravan and re pack some stuff to go home.

Pondering … why I can't have it all - I've got no where to put it even if I did ! Also can anyone tell me the mystery of popcorn kernel.How do they pack a popcorn in.

From the kitchen…I've missed baking - I want to make Jamie Oliver's 30 min banoffee pie when I get home.

Around the house shed … constantly picking up with 5yr old twins who love mess  being creative
bags & dragging them everywhere filled with everything they pull from wardrobes/drawers & toy boxes.

One of my favorite things… uh oh I can't chose just 1 - my family, you & connecting with friends. Eating comes in a close second, followed by my computer & camera.