Tuesday 22 November 2011

Home sweet Home

After almost 10 weeks away we arrived HOME at about 10pm.

Albeit temporarily because now we start our next adventure - a tree change.

print by JM Barclay

It rained most of the way driving but we had a good trip.
Mumma bear is a little stabby because someone has been sleeping in my bed.
It wasn't Goldilocks either.
Daddy bear changed the bed sheets so it's all good.
The house reeks of teenage boy trying to disguise wt? with air freshener smell.
It's not too untidy.
I am surprised.
The little drummer boys were so excited to see all their toys it was like Christmas. They are only just going to sleep now. They are still adjusting back to NSW and a permissive holiday bedtime.

The house seems so big after 10 weeks in a 20ft x 8ft caravan. It was a lovely home on wheels.

by Yellow Daddy

It's good to be home.