Tuesday 15 November 2011

It's a long , long road

Update - Unbelievably - Today we came across The Storm Trooper - his name is Jacob and he has raised $30,000 so far. He plans to walk to Sydney via Adelaide and Melbourne. His website is www.troopertrek.com

I never knew much about the Nullabor before our Western Australia adventure. I still don't.

The Nullabor plain or desert breaks a number of world records across it's 1200kms of rich history and stunning (or not so) scenery. The name means treeless plain but there are are a few trees.
  1. The distance to from our current location (16km east of Norseman) to our destination (home) according to google maps is 3260km exactly by car - route 1 (54turns) or 3230km route 2 (62 turns). The estimated time is 1 day 11hrs ...I presume this is non stop driving. It is only 1180 to Ceduna in SA.
  2. To walk the Nullabor you either have to be crazy or you undertake it to highlight a cause or significant fundraising - we passed two different walkers in September.

    One dressed as Stars Wars - storm trooper
  3. An Englishman Edward John Eyre was the 'first' recorded man to cross the Nullabor East to West in 1841 - a journey taking 4.5 months -  from Adelaide to Albany (south West Coast)
  4. It is the longest straight road in the world , the first car crossed in 1912; 99 yrs ago I can only imagine the challenge it was back then.

Ps I hope this post works as blogpress has crashed and I'm using my iPad directly through blogger which doesn't support compose mode.

We have travelled 731 km today. We are just about to cross the border into south Australia.

It might be the only chance I get to post today ;-).
Hubby has been teasing me about being shaky all day ...who me I am not addicted !
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