Sunday 13 November 2011

Hear me Squeak and grumble

I wish I could title it hear me roar -

I've got a really big grumble today and a bigger thankful.
Today, Joel traumatically smashed out three front teeth , chipped a fourth and knocked back a 5th. The top of his upper gums are mangled.

He had unknown to us swapped bikes with a 7yr boy.A neighbouring camper.
He had his bike helmet on thankfully.
Like what kind of parents let their kid ride a bike with non existence brakes ...

The accident happened in front of about 30 lifesavers, at the campground, having lunch after a beach training session.


In a weird coincidence the nurse who superglued Sam's head wound Thursday (I didn't tell you about except on twitter) - was camped at same campground (She is a lifesaving instructor). She had already said hello to us and remembered Sam.

She said there probbaly wasn't much they could do anyway at the hospital. Plus it is Sunday !

They gave him first aid while the kid, who had a bike no brakes, rode our bike back to tell us.

The poor lad felt bad and said "I told Joel wasn't a good idea I have no brakes" -

"I've been begging my dad to fix my brakes "

Where is my sarcasm font !

His parents feel guilty as hell bad too but are trying to make light of it ..."Lucky it's his baby teeth and they'll grow back". All I squeak out - "Boys will be boys" "Yes , he'll be ok"

The little sister drew Joel a picture too with "a hope you feel better soon" written by the mum.

Joel was riding the bike down a slight slope on loose ground and rode straight past a log into a picnic table.

It could have been worse - thankfully he didn't break his jaw or a limb or injure an eye.Somebody saved a chipped bit of tooth ? but nothing else could be found.

He is very sore and was upset for over an hour.

I foresee a trip to the dentist the day we get home in 9 days time.

Are you superstitious ? ...I  just realised today is the 13th - our site is #13 Lucky Bay !!

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