Sunday 23 October 2011

Spin cycles , tariffs and things that blow.

I wasn't going to post today because to be honest I couldn't get it together or wrap my head around all I need to do this week.

We are now on the sixth week into our caravan road trip and heading south (west) so technically home. Home is not a bad place necessarily but when we get home it will be to pack. The packing grate loads of clutter move ; I am not looking forward to it.
? Name of this bird

Yesterday, I was stuck in our caravan for most of the day due to pissy spitty rain and inclement weather.While my husband laid in bed unwell with some tummy bug I had to entertain the children. I did manage a walk in a dry spell , but due the stench of something, possibly small dead fish on the shoreline at Herron Point, the boys whinged. Then whinged some more or fought. It was a beautiful free camp location with an abundance of birds, especially Pelicans. The lake was a sight to behold as the sun was setting, alas I was inside last night so no pics.
sorry it is fuzzy as they were too far away.

Today, we moved on to Australind , a lovely location near an inlet, unfortunately our site in right next to the road, can't grumble too much @ $26 night.

I needed to wash the endless piles of dirty clothes. Someone left their clothes in the machine, a 25min cycle, for a few hours. Ok, I still one machine was available but the 'sign' people said to remove them at end of load - consider others ... moving on.

Other people had staked claims on the sloping rotary clotheslines - by using all the outside lines , with wide open spaces in between and leaving the inner lines free . I wasn't about to duck beneath their granny undies, y fronts and work clothes, and have them in my hair.*insert whatever word you like*. I made do with a small space. However, as the dark clouds hovered people magically appeared to remove them . Mine are now blowing in the breeze.

Tomorrow, a grassy caravan park site tariff will rise to $66 a night (less 10% caravan park member discount) ...$42 a night, $12 per extra child (or adult). I hope it is worth it.

To date the most expensive park we will have had to pleasure to camp at. The pool better be as good as this one.

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