Friday, 16 September 2011

Things I know

Things I Know ?
We are finally on the road again and it is still 3600kms to Perth
My husband is purposely choosing to use roadside , mostly free , camps to curb my blogging twitter addiction ahem!
Fortunately for me the legend symbols/ icons in our Camps Australia Wide book show Telstra nextG Network access.
I am the chief navigator or STOP chooser
I love my next G mobile broadband though it will need recharging anytime soon.
My life is fully packed and the caravan weighs 2 tonne.
We have plenty of beverages and snacks in case of emergencies. A fully stocked first aid kit and wine !
It's been 19 yrs since we had an adventure like this ...sans any mobile or electronic devices except for a CB radio. That trip was 15,000 kms Sydney to SA to Darwin, NT, then home via Outback Queensland.
I still haven't finished the Australian flora and fauna alphabet cross stitch I started on the first day of that trip.

What to do you know ?

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