Friday, 23 September 2011

Things I know - On the road

 Things I know

...We may have travelled 2000kms over half way across Australia but we have another 2000kms to go to get to Perth.

...Today is going to be a very big day, we should cross the SA/WA border later today. Maybe

On top Pildappa Rock

...Australia is a big wide country – yet you can walk down a main street in a sleepy seaside bay (Streaky Bay) 2000kms from home and met someone you know. Older guy (OG) in sunglasses started chatting to Hubby for a few minutes before they both twigged that OG worked in a business that delivered to our business. They both knew each other a few years back.
(OG even lived in next suburb to us in 2006 and moved to  Hervey bay in Queensland .He is retired and travel widely in his caravan with many other Hervey bay’ers)

... TRUE story the other day about Hervey Bay. Two older gents (OK GREY NOMADS) met in a caravan park and one said to other “Are you the guy in the green house on the corner”
“Yes !”
“ ...I’ve seen you mowing your lawn!”

...The children have only asked for TV once (ABC2) , though we couldn’t survive without the car DVD player.We have seen some big things.

...The visit to the BOM (bureau of Meteorology) site in Ceduna was very interesting.

...The boys may have just been excited about the balloon and wanting to see it go UP and possibly POP.

...We were just relieved he told us the winds will ease today.

Did you know ? In Sydney and major capital cities the BOM has to get air traffic clearance. The last thing a 747 wants to see is weather balloon.BOM performs a very significant role and everyone relies on it to live, plan and survive.I didn't know a balloon could be so important.

Lastly, I know you don’t want to miss my new Lego Hero factory giveaway.

What do you know today ?
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