Friday 23 September 2011

Giveaway ~ Lego hero Factory

I am a seasoned Lego mum , my oldest son had so many Lego Bionicles (and Lego bricks)- I was always stepping on searching for pieces to throw put them back together after the latest creation and battles. I couldn't keep up with the names though.

Sam and Joel love their Lego. We brought Duplo - all our figures or 'MEN' and 'Cars 2' and big bricks mostly] along on our road trip and they play with it in and out of the car as we travel. The Lego was left at home except for Rocka !

You may have seen LEGO® Hero Factory , latest and greatest offering of awesome monsterish Lego creations which morph into the most imaginative action heros as they defeat evil, restoring peace across Quatros, the jungle universe.

My small boys love building creatures or 'friends' , so does their male cousin 9yrs old who has introduced them to many creatures .These Lego Super Heroes are hot ! 

I feel doomed - just after I've learnt the names of all the Pokemons dinosaurs and Octonauts -  along come 12 new 'Heroes' with special animal powers to defeat the Evil Witch Doctor - so you'll be good for choices this Christmas !

Stormer with the strength of a rhino
Nex with razor sharp tiger blades, 
Bulk with wolf speed and 
Rocka with Lion power ...we got to review Rocka .

The Rocka XL we reviewed needed all my special powers to build him. A'hem ... I got it right after a few misplaced pieces. (Not as in lost but positioned wrongly - Technically I am a little challenged.)

The boys were able to help me with the revolutionary ball & socket joints and 'claws' - it was a little difficult for small fingers to click them into place but they did some of it (bear in mind this Hero is aimed at 9-16yrs *). I did the major construction of adding 'limbs' & 'weapons' to the body. They loved the little ball launcher. (*Other figures are aged 7-16yrs)

Interestingly , Hero cans come with a unique code inside, unlocking exclusive content at

A new 44-minute mini movie airing on Nickelodeon compliments the new Hero range.

Wait , there is more ! It doesn't end there because The LEGO Hero Factory is multi faceted and highly interactive toy system.
Computer savvy kids can go online and undertake their very own missions, listen to Hero Factory FM, keep up to date on the latest news as well as play games and carry out new Hero Challenges, where they can enter a series of missions in order to prove their hero qualities and abilities.
They can even use Hero Recon to customise their own Hero and play him online . It will be a while before my boys graduate to this feature.

Visit for more information and back stories on Hero Factory figures strengths & abilities.

Now the best part of any review is the giveaway - I have 3  x Lego Hero Factory figures to giveaway.

Be warned they are not sweet or cute looking like little Lego men but *sigh* I can't stop my boys from liking these Heroes . I think they go together so cleverly The design is ingenious !!

I recently read these Lego facts - 

It started off as a simple idea for a toy in a carpentry workshop, and continues to feed the imagination of various generations.  And it has become part of millions of childhoods, across many different countries and cultures. 

It is still a privately owned family company based in Denmark but ...
Now more than 400 million people are building (and re-building) their masterpieces every year.   In fact, another 23 billion LEGO pieces are joining their counterparts every year – and there are 70 LEGO bricks (so far) for every person on Earth.
Seriously, I think we have more than 70 Lego bricks per person in our house.
To enter to win one 1 of 3 - Lego hero Factory - the mandatory entry is to tell me something funny about Lego or What do you want to be rescued from ?
I will pick one creative answer and 2 random winners.
The rules: Easy !

Australian residents only.
Follow my blog - anyway
Giveaway closes 9th October 2011
Please make sure I have a way of contacting you.

Disclosure : I received Rocka XL  for this review. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
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