Monday 19 September 2011

Mind blowing

It's been a crazy mind wind blowing day today.

Some guy quipped - "Hang onto your kids they'll be blown away ! " as we left the playground in the caravan park this morning.

We had a very late start leaving Broken Hill - getting the my Wifi modem recharged was quite a challenge. It should have been easy- right !

It's an understatement to say my hub was very unimpressed by the time taken -like 2hrs later. NO wonder he doesn't like the internetz !

For some reason once my Wifi modem was recharged at the T shop it ceased to detect my iPad or laptop.

Nothing would fix it .

The guy was very helpful and determined but was beaten ... as well, I told him my husband was in the car spitting chips with our two 5 yr olds. That moved him to say - "I'm prepared to give you a new one and sort it out with T so you can get on your way " [Mine is only 2 months old anyway]

We waited another 30 mins in town just to make sure it worked. Hooray !

It was already blowing a dusty gale. We copped strong crosswinds all the way from Broken Hill to Petersborough. The dust , I couldn't even get a picture or I would have been blown away. Literally  ! My eyes were so gritty, it was awful and I had to hold my breath (and the door) as I got into the car.

The sky and horizon as far as you could see was a dusty brown. Tumble weeds were flying everywhere.

Still , it was a relief to cross the border from NSW. We thought we'd never make it. Unfortunately, we had to travel much slower with the caravan today.

nabbed from Crash Test Mummy go read this very important post about what she learned from RU Ok day.

From Petersborough to Wilmington we copped strong headwinds but the dust had settled somewhat ; the sky was blue again and the landscape greener.

Tonight , we are camped at Stony Creek Bush Camp Caravan Park - 44km SE of Port Augusta.

It's very relaxed in a lovely bush setting.The boys loved riding their bikes around a huge dirt track and a play in the playground after a long day in the car. It's not a traditional caravan park by any means and just what we like .We chose a powered option tonight.

We've have a few great experiences already but my camera is in the car and it's started to rain tomorrow !
(I hope this makes sense because our teen called us at 5.45am this morning ...and we didn't get back to sleep) he had better know the time difference by the time we get to WA.)

How do you cope when changing time zones ?

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