Monday, 12 September 2011

Manic Monday

Shh I am not supposed to be on here.
I just ducked in quickly to say packing is well underway, hopefully tomorrow we will leave.
DH changed Real Estate agents last week after another no show for the ''OPEN house" Saturday week ago. It seemed they were losing interest. DH showed two families through our house that day. The new agents seem to be more active in print advertising too.

Today we are packing amidst trying to have the house immaculate for photos after lunch.

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I have two dozen things on my TO DO list , which will become my 'TA DA' list if I manage to cross off everything.
download your own ta da list here
I need to organise a roster for our army of extended family to check in on our 18yr ; to make sure he leaves the house clean too...miracles might happen ??
The boys are so excited but have no idea I think of what we are about to embark upon is only 4000km to Perth.
I am so grateful for my i devices and internet access so I won't really be any further away from you than before. I will be a lot closer to some of you though.
I been reliably told there are several iPad apps that help organise your entire life into lists, complete with a priorities rank and alarms to remind you !.
Pity is, it can't actually do the things on my list.
I usually accomplish most of the things on the list eventually , rarely have I’ve completed every item on a single list before carrying over many a few unfinished items onto a new list.
I just need to be more reasonable with the time constraints I set myself...except for today - it's imperative I get off this chair immediately ...the boss has returned.