Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A huge sigh of relief

I think we need to go out tonight and celebrate that everything is ok and my husband's cancer is NOT back. I am so very relieved.

The past 12 days all I have thought about is that our world was about to shatter and turn upside down all over again. Neither of us has slept well.

I know I didn't , directly , blog about it but my husband  had a Brain/head MRI exactly two weeks ago. They wanted to rule out the cause of ongoing headaches and other symptoms especially dizziness and generally feeling unwell.  [He had a very rare, malignant tumour removed in April 2010 from his right temple/muscle very close to his facial nerves/skull. Then he had 6 weeks of radiation therapy in June/July. Hub will have ongoing followup for years]

So 36hrs later they tried calling him. We were at the farm and mobile phone reception is dodgy. They called my mobile and told me they wanted him back for more images asap. I was in town with the kids about to check out a school for next year .Talk about HEART FAILURE ! I then had to go back to farm and tell him. It was terrible to see his face drop !

Last Monday , 6 days after the first MRI he had the second MRI (now his 3rd). They just told him they had found something but needed more images/angles . No Dr was about [6.30pm] and no one said anything about what it might be.

On Tuesday morning Hub called his Radiation oncology nurse, M, [from last year] to ask when he could see Dr. T or anyone ? M said Dr T was away till Thursday afternoon but M said she would call him back. She did [thank God] , to say they needed to compare images from last week to Brain/Head MRI he had in Sept 2010. The images hadn't come down yet , then M said it would probably be Monday (yesterday) before they would.

We heard nothing Monday. I felt  SICK bad for asking him about 100 times if they had called. This morning he went out to work for a few hours and came back for lunch. Again , no news ! I kept encouraging to call them, he said the numbers were in his diary in our work vehicle (not here).

Finally I couldn't wait a minute longer so I ring him.
He says "They think it is just post op scarring - that's all !" I ask him is he sure 10 ten times again. The Radiation oncologist Dr T told him to go off on our holiday and forget about it all. He said Dr T wasn't impressed that the MRI peeps didn't speak to her first (after 1st MRI 2 weeks ago) .

It would have saved us a LOT of heartache ! Though I can truly appreciate they wanted to be sure and not be dismissive of any slight changes.

Onwards ...

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