Sunday, 21 August 2011

Power of your love

Just a quick one tonight , we sang this song at our local church this morning.
We have missed a few weeks due to being away, illness and farm visits.

I the Power of your love

A powerful song of faith for me. It moves me to tears often.
Actually the artist/musician/pastor who wrote this song 'married'  my husband and I. The female artist singing sang at our wedding in a humble warehouse...many 21.5yrs moons ago. I must dig out our video.

We attend a different church than the one in the video now but it still holds a place in our hearts.

Unrelated perhaps to Christian faith but totally to the power of love we saw the movie RED DOG tonight, a 'tale' of love and faithfulness, and grief and more grief. It was funny and I highly recommend it to everyone.
It confirms our decision that Red kelpies or a cross will the next family dogs we own.
I have a very cute story about when we gave teen a new puppy for Christmas when he was three... later ...
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