Tuesday, 30 August 2011

De - Stressing in the Garden

One of my favourite ways to de-stress is to get into the garden. It is of the best ways I know of reducing my stress ( discounting the thorns on my rose bushes which has me muttering and 'ouch'ing a few choice words out loud) .

Is there a better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring ?
Aug 30th 5.30pm

Love our garden seat -we are taking it.

Mia using my  foam Herb box for scratching post.
I didn't take this pic of our Backyard - taken in May
With the weather warming up over the last two weeks, it meant we have been able to get a lot done in Charlotte's garden and the backyard garden. I have taken cuttings of all our roses, pruned and tidied it all up. It looks very bare now. I'm only planting herbs at the moment so no vegies except maybe tomatoes if I can find someone to water them.

Whether you love tending roses, native shrubs, caring for your lawn or pot plants , or even just pulling out a few weeds it burns a few calories too. Gardening for me works off stress and brings  a little peace to our hectic lifestyle and more important the results are pleasing to the eye.
The wattle at the farm is blooming already (but going) and I have to think about our garden plans there.

My favourite garden magazine is ABC Gardening Australia magazine. I have stacks of back issues I keep stashed away (a lot were given to us).

I received a copy of September issue of  ABC Gardening Australia magazine in the mail yesterday. 

GARDENING AUSTRALIA magazine is born from the TV show, is the bible for novice gardeners and green thumbs, and is Australia's leading gardening title.)  This issue has so many ideas for me to start rolling up my sleeves , donning my gloves and pulling on my work boots.

I was excited to see there is an article about transplanting and moving an entire garden.
Imagine moving home and taking your entire garden with you, roots and all. 
Credit -click this link to see the issue
Also, in September, I like these green ideas  -
Gardening Australia explores the changes readers are making to reduce waste within their homes, with simple (and economical) ideas such as:

  • Nude Food - When shopping, choose low or no packaging and take your own bags (Nude food, was a term used by a 7 year old boy who wrote in, quite catchy!);
  •  Boxed Goodies – use empty cardboard food boxes to place vegie peelings and worm scraps in each day, then put the whole page into the worm bin- the worms eat the scraps and the box so there is no emptying and washing of buckets.

Out now , the September issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine is available from ABC Shops, newsagencies, supermarkets or by subscription.
A perfect Father's day idea as subscriptions are 40% until 17/9 ~$47
Subscribe today on 1300 656 933 or see the website http://www.gardeningaustralia.com.au/
for more information too.

I received a complimentary September copy only.
I chose to write this post myself because I enjoy the magazine.

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