Thursday, 14 July 2011

Something new ~ Hair

I few weeks ago I was invited to THE Barney Martin's  hair salon in Surry Hills courtesy of P & G to colour my own hair . 

I have darkish brown hair and fortunately very few grey hairs*.

I have to confess that I haven't ever coloured my hair...never apart from a few foaming highlights.

Having had long hair for most of my adult life I haven't spend much time or money on my hair.

My career was in Nursing, in a Children's ward so I always wore my hair tied back and up in a pony tail. It was simple and quick to manage. NO style no worries.

Very occasionally I wore my hair down or styled when we went out.I just never worried  too much about it.
I rarely wore makeup either I preferred to go 'ugly' naturally.

I am far from 'attractive' due to many complicated reasons I won't go into here, mostly a genetic disease NF1 and my eyes. Hair and makeup have been the least of my day to day concerns.

However, as I 'age' with young sons, I am now more self - conscious because I do not want to be called their grandmother when they start school. As an older mother I want to look my best and take care of what I have left.

I am just too much of a scrooge to spend money on my vanity. I do feel more self conscious now more than ever as NF1 is causing an increasing number of small but highly visible lumps over my face (& everywhere).

I really try not to let it bother me because beauty is only skin deep.

Anyway, I digress. I decided to bite the bullet and try a new hair colour - medium golden brown. I wanted to feel better about myself because I've been feeling down. 

At the P & G event I was given the opportunity to colour my own hair with the Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Colour Blend Foam (rrp $17.99). Amidst several other fabulous 'style' bloggers also receiving Nice ‘n Easy Colour HAIR makeovers or for some just a pampering hair wash and salon blow dry & style , I felt very insignificant (- like why was I invited). 

I was pleased to hear my hair was in very good condition.

...So on with it - we started the colouring process ourselves - it was incredibly simple : Just pour bottle 1 into bottle 2, tilt the bottle gently up and down 3 times , then gently squeeze the bottle onto your hand and apply the no-drip foam to your hair. Long hair needs a little sectioning I learned.

I realised it was something I could probably do myself at home with a successful result. It's very affordable too. Though my stylist helped me finish up as the salon chair was not as easy at the bathroom at home. There was little mess and I only slopped a little foam onto my face.

The foam was left for about 10 mins then rinsed out by the stylist . I felt very pampered because it included a divine scalp massage. Followed up with a blow-dry and professional style experience. It was quite a treat for me as I only get my hair cut about 2-3 times a year ; rarely salon shampooed and styled.

The P & G event included the promotion of Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo & Conditioner . A new formula enriched with ingredients uniquely derived from Cassia seeds (One hundred crushed Cassia seeds in every bottle).

I loved the smell. Nature Fusion is specially designed to promote hair fullness and shine with scientifically naturally derived ingredients. It's suitable for most hair types. My husband likes it too.

I've been using it for 4 weeks and I love the way it makes my hair feel. It deeply conditions my hair and I've noticed less breakage. I love my new colour, though most people didn't notice a difference.

We were also shown the new Wella Pro Series {at home} Collection , they used these products {mousse & hair spray} to style our hair.

Inspired by stylists and developed by WELLA experts, closest to salon smooth hair in retail at an affordable price
I got to try the Pro Series mousse and Hair spray at home .They have a whole range in the collection.I look forward to trying their Shampoo and Conditioner range (It's available in a pump pack favourite). All are available in supermarkets and/or Pharmacies.

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Procter&Gamble certainly do everything in style. They even flew down Kelly & Nikki from Brisbane for the day.

Kelly has some great tips for busy mums.There are some great hair care tips on the Wella site too.

This is not a sponsored post though I was by invited Procter & Gamble and their PR to attend, I had no obligation to write this post; all opinions expressed are my own.
Professional Photos Credit - Georgina Morrison

PS: I only posted my pics so people who I haven't met , yet, will know who I am when I attend the Blogger's Brunch & Nuffnang Blogopolis.

* I did have a scary dream the other night I woke up with all grey hair growing out.

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