Thursday 23 June 2011


A subject close to so many women's hearts: the joy, excitement and tears of IKEA ...striking fear into the heart of the men...

Excitement and joy speak for themselves. (mmm don't mention the meatballs)

Tears because you know it's impossible to leave with only a few items and that you have to leave behind so many things you heart.

Fears because your husband has to put together some of what you buy and he never reads the instructions first ...

Fortunately, having kids and IKEA go hand-in-hand because IKEA is so affordable. It is also appealing enough to have an almost designer edge without the hefty price tag. It's sturdy enough to withstand toddlers and whatever your preschoolers do.
I am thankful for Expedit

We  ♥ our Expedit bookcase/storage units.

They have saved us a lot of frustration in storing toys and books. The boys can access most shelves which means they can pull out what they want to play with and pack it away too (if I am lucky).

I noticed they tend to favour the lower shelves anyway. The boxes are all organised and sorted separately into Lego / puzzles / cars / trains/ superheros / animals/ dress ups etc and we can swap them around in minutes to rotate the toys or move certain toys up high if we have littler visitors.

Their books fill the upper shelves mostly.

We started with one, and a few months later went back for another when we moved the twins into their own rooms. Any excuse will do hey :)

Their rooms stay neat and in a hurry I can chuck anything in any open box or cubbyhole. Let's be honest - this is what they look like most of the time (these were taken in the middle of the night). Mostly tidy. The boys actually like putting the boxes away.

The blue & red boxes (one above) are from IKEA and the Cane ones too. It was great the Expedit shelves fitted our existing boxes with lids . IKEA has a whole range of children's toy storage ideas.

We could have added doors, drawers and other insert units too had we wanted to - they are so multipurpose.

I was sent a few products to review from the Living with Children catalogue. The online catalogue is interactive and so cute (click on the +). Everything is so mix and match at IKEA.

Living with Children is a campaign that talks to parents and families about smart ways of living with children.

The boys love kicking or throwing the Sparka soft soccer ball in the house. The red rattle I am saving for a pregnant friend and we have enjoyed reading the new book. I have some new ideas for their upcoming birthday and friends birthdays, even Christmas stocking fillers.

We use their plastic cups, bowls and plates every day (what still only ? $1.99 set of 6) - ; the children have received dress up masks as gifts and a play tunnel as well as puppets and other craft items. We have vases, lamps, shelving and other kitchen stuff too :)

I love their nursery gear - we were loaned most of ours unfortunately so I missed out choosing my own. The baby knowledge is cute and interactive too.

When we move I am looking at a new set of IKEA bunks amongst other things with the tent canopy.

Disclosure :IKEA sent me a few items and the IKEA living with children catalogue to review , I did not receive any payment . As I've always loved IKEA products I was happy to give them a mention.

How do you store your children's toys ? What are your top tips for dealing with kids toys ?
PS : I guess there isn't enough room to ask you your favourite IKEA products.

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