Friday, 6 May 2011

Drum roll .... are you a winner

Thank you everyone for your fabulous entries and taking the time to comment on my giveaways. 
We love giving stuff away as much as we love winning !

Drum roll , please ...

The four lucky winners of 450 mins of Magical Tales fun with Sparkles & William are 


Congratualtions Kate, Kellie, Tat & Tiff

Tron: Legacy movie night in with the men in luminous neon tight suits
  is ....

The lucky winner of $20 gift card is 


 Congratulations Del @Relish, my relish

 PS : The Lego City Space entries will be emailed today and I'll hopefully have news of the winners next week.
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Anonymous said...

wooohooo!!!!!! I won something!!!!how very exciting!!!thank you hon!!

Anonymous said...

Yippee - I am a winner! Thanks heaps :-)

Tat said...

Awesome, thanks Trish!

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