Friday, 29 April 2011

Westfield Online and Giveway

This time it's a giveaway just for you (and me).

I don't normally blog much about fashion. It doesn't mean I don't like to shop for new clothes I just rarely get the chance with small children in tow.

Mostly, my fashion worries are limited to keeping myself cleanly attired and smear free when I leave the house. Ah ..motherhood is so glam.

You ?

This time the giveaway is for you ...MUM. Perfect since Mother's Day is just around the corner and maybe your wardrobe needs a boost and a little refreshing now that the cooler weather is creeping in. 
I love the recently launched Westfield online shopping website. There was such an array of brand choices all on the one site.  

I was asked to review tee shirts and tops.

With more than 
2022 choices
from 118 brands  
shopping from 33 stores 
 (I actually counted the brands & stores)

I especially love that you can compare different brands and prices.

All available at your fingertips in your pj's or whatever , on the easy to navigate Westfield online site, which allows consumers to search by store, category, brand, price or specific product name. 

Even so far as colour schemes , florals, prints & stripes and just items on sale.

I know it won't replace the actual joy of trying on new outfits or a day out of the house  with the kids (yours or unknown) peeking under the change room doors but it's a great option considering so many of us shop online now. 

I am still eyeing off my winter selections and planning to create my wishlist for family ...what a super idea for the clueless people in your life.

Consider yourself a fashionista? - go create a whole new look and share with friends or leave *hints* for hubby.

The only thing to watch out for it that each store has an individual postage charge and items are sent separately ...but think of the money you'll save on fuel, parking and not buying the kids lunch or bribes.

I choose


and this.

It will be perfect when I move to the country to shop from home - there is no Westfield for miles. 

The fun bits ...
To win a $20 giftcard ...
Leave a comment to say what you like about online shopping

The boring ... 
You don't have to like me, follow me or anything but you can :).
Australia residents only.
Closes Tuesday 3rd May.

Disclosure: I received my tops to keep complimentary of Westfield Online Campaign. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
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