Saturday, 5 March 2011

Grateful Saturday - Finish lines and Farmer's market

#26 / 27 runs of Couch to 5k are completed.
After 9 weeks I will complete my final run Monday.
The finish line is in sight but it won't be the finish because I am in training for the Mother's day classic.
Running is still a challenge for me, though I enjoy it, I ache the day after :).

Last week my hubby almost reached his 'finish line' in regards to a project that has been 10 months long. A huge relief that this hurdle has been cleared.

We went to the Country farmer's markets this morning. I chatted to lots of people about olives , tasted a few goodies and met a neighbour who 'raises' bees & honey. She has lived there 30 yrs and told us a few interesting things about our property.
PS Our olives don't look too good as a few weeks ago- (shriveling up) I think the dry spell has affected them...oh well next year.
So, what's making you smile today?
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