Saturday, 15 January 2011

Grateful Saturday - Family

This week I can't say it enough- I am so grateful for
  1. Family husband, my little boys and even my bigger boy who got a job last week. My heart is still breaking, heavy and aching for the mothers of the little boys (& girls) lost in the flood tragedy and Lori losing her soul mate.
  2. That my Hub's family in Gympie stayed were safe.
  3. Going to see 'Tangled' thanks to Nuffnang & Naomi , taking along my little boys, my nephew, niece, their neighbour. Yes , it was just a Disney movie but it was heartwarming to see the family reunited at the end (of course you knew that would happen in a Disney movie). Then the kids had a swim in the pool and we went out for pizza to celebrate my brothers' birthday (which is today - Happy Birthday D).
  4. Community -  the courage shining through the unimaginable devastation and the hundreds of ways people are pitching in to lighten one another's burdens & loss.
Think deeply about what you can do to lighten one anothers' load as you keep safe & laugh in the light today...
If you are financially able please donate to the Queensland flood appeal here

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Maxabella said...

Your grateful posts are always so heartfelt and wonderful, Trish. Your emotion really shines through today. I love your closing sentiment about lightening another's load. Just beautiful. x

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh gorgeous but remember that huge crocodile image was from Gympie, be aware of what lurks in the water!!
My husband got a Tangled family pass, took our 4 children & he loved it too!!
World away from what he's doing now, cleaning up Brisbane!!
Enjoy, love Posie

Rachel said...

beautifully put... as always ...

Jayne said...

Spot on, Trish :) xxx

Looking forward to meeting you at ABC!

Cate said...

Very nice gratefuls Trish - I can relate to your sentiments about family :-)

Kymmie said...

Oh Trish, they're all so wonderful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your gratefuls. It's exactly how I feel. xx

Beet said...

We have so many blessings.

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