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13 ways to conquer the cravings

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Excess {or any unhealthy snacking} between meals does not augur well with our get fit or weight loss efforts. I won't go into the psychological reasons why we do it (we all know why ~ not just because it tastes so good) just a few practical ways we can reduce it a bit. 

Don't try it all at once - one step at a time one bite at a time and will power. We know it's hard to teach your self to say no.
  1. Plan ...Plan meals that keep you fuller longer and plan your meals in advance especially to resist the urge to buy takeaway meals because you can't think what to cook or have no food in the pantry/fridge that appeals.
  2. You have Google with 15,800,000 healthy meal recipes (yes I just checked) -so don't be boring try something new and look for lower fat versions of your favourite recipes or snacks.
  3. Make a Shopping List  - aiming to buy only the groceries according to your weekly meal plans. Stick to the list in your hand and do not be swayed by it.
  4. Write yourself a list of things to do if you feel the urge to snack .Leave it on the fridge. Try to understand when your body is truly hungry and you are not just snacking because you are feeling down, lonely or bored. Ring a friend, 'jump' on the computer or go for a walk with the kids to the park.  Or put on some music & dance with kids, grab a book or fold the clothes :).See if the craving passes.
  5. Remove temptation.Clear out the cupboards. Replace and substitute unhealthy "snacky" high fat/sugar type foods for a healthier option which will keep you fuller for longer. Pre cut vegetable sticks / make a tomato salsa or have fruit & yoghurt to eat / low fat baked pretzels etc. Drink more water too instead of eating or in place of other drinks.
  6. If you can't remove temptation...Reduce pack sizes - buy small portion packets (yes it might cost more) and/or divide up larger packs yourself and put them away in not easily accessible spots (the top of cupboard you can only reach with a chair) Instead of just grabbing a quick bag of chips or bar {PIECE} of chocolate - if you have to get out a step ladder or chair you might think twice.
  7. Brush your teeth soon after eating dinner {or breakfast} -when you brush the kids teeth is ideal - it makes me think twice about eating chocolate or snacking later.
  8. Teach your children to say - 'You 've had enough mummy' and 'Only a small bite' if you must try their snacks. Mine do without any prompting LOL. Request & remind your spouse not to eat  those irresistible 'snacks' in front in you and increase the temptation directing at hand.  
  9. Don't deny yourself completely. Of course at the end of a stressful day with the children we all wish the tune of gourmet ice cream and chocolate did not sing its siren song quite so loudly . Hoping it will drown out the fruit & yoghurt or other healthy snacks saying 'pick me' it not going to happen . If you do cave in then enjoy it, relish it and then let it go. Don't keep beating yourself up - instead look up how many minutes of whatever {exercise you prefer] takes to burn it off and give that a try. Don't give up on your commitment to reduce snacking over just one snack. Tomorrow is a new day.
  10. Blog about your commitment - join in the support .There are numerous groups of bloggers who are encouraging each other to get fit, get healthier and reduce their weight.
  11. Stick to an exercise plan approved by your DR or health professional that you are comfortable with. I'm doing the Couch to 5k to get fit , losing the kilos I've gained since ceasing breastfeeding & eating over Christmas is a byproduct.
  12. Put the sign above on your fridge or cupboard if you dare ...
  13. When friends visit and bring goodies or on celebration days like birthdays be mindful of what you serve or eat but remember one day is not the end. Ultimately it is your choice to say no or to just eat less.
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Anonymous said...

lots of good hints there!!!!

ClaireyH said...

I just say no to anything after dinner now, and as we eat at 5.30, it should start to make a difference. If aim really craving something I can have a water or cup of tea.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@pixie - trying to follow them is the next good hint.

@Claire - we don't so pre dinner snacking is worse around 5-6pm ;)

Cathy said...

love that stop sign! i need one in my pantry!!

great tips - i haven't started an official diet this year yet but i'm heading that way...

it's soooo hard but i need to get fit and lose a bit of weight!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good tips.

Karen said...

Great reminders, Trish! Thanks! :D

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I love #8... I used to do that to my mum, also without prompting!

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