Friday, 17 December 2010

Getting busy with the fizzy

Who remembers slurping down a soda stream fizzy drink on a hot summer's day ?

Generations of parents today can probably remember how easy and fun it was to make soda or flavoured fizzy water to guzzle at home or at friends ...or remember the mess when you missed the mark !

Soda Stream has had a revival recently. I was excited to be asked to review the
new healthier 'sparkling goodness' flavours with an exclusive starter pack.

It contained everything I needed to make all my family’s favourite fizzy drinks at home at the touch of a button !
SodaStream Drinks Makers work by dispensing CO2 from a gas cylinder in the back of the Drinks Maker, into fresh tap water to make your sparkling drinks
Within 5 mins I had it unpacked, had slipped in a bottle of cold tap water and presto (3 presses of the button) - we were enjoying a refreshing , yummy and cold fizz.

Things I liked about Sodastream
  • New sparkling goodness flavours - Orange&Pineapple, Lemon & Lime and Pink Grapefruit so many new flavours with no artificial colours or flavours or preservatives - gets my mum tick & kids' slurp of approval !
  • saving the planet by using less plastic bottles - comes with 2 x 1litre BPA-free plastic bottles and lids
  • saves nagging my older son to empty the kitchen recycling bin
  • less groceries for me to carrrrrry in by myself
  • 750mls syrup = 6 x 1l bottles or approx 33 cans .
  • one cylinder makes us to 40-60 L of sparkling drinks or soda (you control the fizz)
  • exchange empty cylinders in store or via Sodastream's direct delivery system
  • it's a fun gadget that lets fizzy drink lovers make their own drinks at home. My boys loved it -undeniable novelty value
  • Fits on kitchen counter and doesn't take up much space.
The children preferred the orange pineapple and I liked the lemon & lime & the pink grapefruit too.

I am not sure if hubby will give up his 'Coke' though we didn't try the Cola yet !! It might not hit the mark for him & his scotch.

The verdict - While I try to limit the amount of fizz my children drink because 'we' prefer water as their main beverage I think it's a fun healthier alternative than other bottled drinks.

I liked being able to control the amount of fizz & flavour and no artificial colours/artificial flavours or no preservatives is a big win.

Join Club soda and find more information .

* For those who don't know, SodaStream is an over 100yr old softdrink making system where you carbonate water yourself, then add flavours you want.

Ps I wasn't paid for this review but I get to keep the Sodastream !
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