Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Zoo - Roar , slither, squawk and coo, things are happening at the Zoo!"

Sunday we had the chance to peek a boo at the new Visitor Plaza at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
We have visited this zoo before when the boys were 2 3/4 yrs.

Yes, it was pouring and a had to 'coax' a very reluctant DH to come with the boys & I.

It was free to visit the new open area but not the zoo. Though residents can get a discount so we will go back when it's not raining or too hot.

I discovered teenagers can become Youth Zoo volunteers at 13yrs.

We actually got to see some animals closer than our real visit to the zoo 18 months ago. They got their faces painted and painted their own boomerang.

Who am I
A kangaroo
3yr small Salt water crocodile ...they had to keep reminding the children to stand & pat from behind.They can grow to 2m+ This one was mall for age.

Ring tailed Possum

Bearded Dragon

My Little Cheetah


The boys got up close and personal with a python too (but I didn't get a pic)

We laughed watching Lemurs play in the rain on their ropes. Even animals like to play.

Then we went back to the farm to play 'animals' & roar at each other.
See more play ideas at

What's your favourite animal ?
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