Thursday, 11 November 2010

ho ho ho who's been nice

Seems like just the other day ...when I mentioned gifts & giving without a word of Santa.
I don't see the harm in letting my children enjoy Santa. Of course , I don't want Santa to be the focus of Christmas because as Christians we believe in Jesus being the focus.

It's only 43 days till Christmas and if you haven't already done so better start reviewing your Christmas wishlist, then getting the kids to write and post a letter to Santa (before Dec 17th if you want a reply by Christmas).
For those residing in Australia
Post your letter to
Remember to add a 60c stamp and print your return address on the back of the envelope, so that Santa knows where to reply .

You can choose a special Santa Mail letterhead from Australia Post here or if you forget or want it for 'free' download a free letter to Santa and/or a reply from Santa here (look at the right of the page).

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thankyou!

Joni Llanora said...

Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot about it. Anya's been sending letters to Santa for years now (via AustPost)though sometimes the response is a bit late. But better late than never!

Glowless said...

I remember doing this! Even though Tricky will be too young this year to understand what Christmas is all about, I'm so excited anyway!

hookedonscents said...
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