Tuesday, 16 November 2010

From Duplo to Lego ?

My boys love Duplo at the moment (and their cousins Lego some of which used to belong to our Mr 17 too).
Our Duplo collection is 95% their older brothers and the said cousin's hand me down Duplo.

What I love most about Lego-Duplo is the creativity, sharing, the role playing, interacting with pieces and each other , bargaining and to less extent fights over individual pieces.

The beauty of basic Duplo & Lego bricks is the opportunity to let their imagination run free.
Even though Duplo has ready made animal.cars.farm pieces too that click onto the bricks.

Half of me wants to let them enjoy Duplo for as long as possible since we have YEARS of Lego ahead of us . The thought of all those small pieces to pick up undoes me though.

There is a huge box of Lego in Santa's sack for them to share.

I remember playing Lego with my older son a lot. Initially, we would build the sets together (he helped find me the blocks we needed next & I built it). Then he would play by himself.

The magic of Lego is later we can add themed sets and it is always an easy gift idea for relatives to buy them. They won't out grow it for years to come.

The boys enjoy it immensely, it is good for their hand /eye coordination and increases their imagination. They also count pieces and colour match too.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to find this play table discarded at a roadside cleanup ;). I wo-man handled it into the back of our 4WD alone, it just fit !

It is slightly faded, the drawer needs fixing but it is still sturdy and fits 2 or more kids + mum easily. Beats me sitting on the floor too.

When did your children move from Duplo to Lego ?

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