Sunday, 7 November 2010

Escapes and exits

Three weeks ago our 17 yr son got a job...minutes after he entered the employment support/job finding agency
It was a labouring job . The company were having trouble keeping employees. DH took our son there the same afternoon and they said start the next day;Friday
Teen started and was told by 'somebody' the 'pay' was $580 a week.
He was very excited but they were so wrong.
The teen had to start at 6.30am and work to a quota of 410 widgits.
His first pay he got about $319.
We weren't sure it was for a full week or not , or what the day the pay week started.
The teen was less than happy.
I discovered under most awards teenagers and up to 20 yrs old are paid less ...
at 17 it was 55% of the award.
Even though he had to do exactly the same job & fill the same quota.
18yrs get 70%
19yrs get 85%
only at 20 yrs was it 100%
Grossly unfair ... probably.This clause exists in most industrial awards.
Dh was getting up every day to drive him the 10kms to work at 6.10am.
Anyway, the next week we escaped went to the farm. DH rang him at 5.30am both days to make sure he was awake & ready .
Teen told us he was going to work ...but didn't both Thursday & Friday.
Later his excuse was he was exhausted.
He probably was ...just saying he has a certain attitude to hard work. It doesn't agree with him.
However he neglected to call in absent.
His next pay on Friday was $216 for 3 days.
Last Monday DH dropped teen at work . The teen was told his services were no longer required and he was shown the

We were very disappointed in him ... and for him. Still I make no excuses for him because it was his own fault.

Escape ...
Have you ever dreamed of living in paradise, where you can hear the ocean , feel the calm ocean breeze and smell the scent of salt in the air ?

I do all the time LOL ...but we'll soon be living with the scent of this in the air !

Once we bite the bullet and put our house up for sale.

Elephants ...
Have you seen the new female baby elephant at Taroonga Zoo born 2nd November .
Did you know elephants are pregnant for 22 months and their babies are born at 120kgs.OMG my eyes are watering.

I have a thing for elephants at the moment ...especially reminding me to take things one step or bite at time. The elephants above live in my kind of paradise.

Escapa ...this game is purely a time waster & difficult. Don't even bother.
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Jayne said...

Drats, sorry to hear about the teen's job debacle.
Yep, those trade jobs can be a right bugger cos you'll always get the ones who take advantage of younger workers.
If they had trouble keeping employees your son wasn't the first nor will he be the last to feel used and abused.
A job that suits him down to the ground will come along before you know it ;)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Thanks Jayne, one guy apparently went one day and didn't return and another lasted 2 days.
It was outdoor work too,hot, dirty and very mundane. I think he didn't mind it so much but it was physical and he wasn't used to it.
Still I hope he learns a lesson about going AWOL ;)

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