Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stick 'em up # 14

I've been a bad blogger
...will I ever be able to be guilt free about not blogging for over a week.
I actually feel guilty about a lot of things right now.
So you will have to settle for a bunch of random quips !

Though I think no one missed me !
Life has been so busy (& stressful) my feet have hardly touched the ground !
Still ...(I am so grateful for their sakes not just mine )

Argh ...pass the tissues
In other news

I still ♥ Post it Tuesday's.

Never miss a post


Jules said...

Where to start?

- IMO that halo is still as bright as ever.
- All the people with a real life don't exist.
- Hiding does help.
- I agree about the twins.
- Enney, Meanie, Minie, Mo is still good. *wink*

Sending you lots of virtual Chocolate & Cuddles for comfort.


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hope you are okay, reading between the lines you are not.

Sending hugs and chocolate (I ate all of yours last time).

Oka said...

Try enney meanie minie mo, the kids will love it :D

Nothing wrong with hiding for a lil me time.

There is very little, in my eyes, that could take away a halo from a mother of Multiples.

Anonymous said...

If decisions are being made by eenie meenie miney mo, you are doing a much better job than me. I feel more like 'it, dip, dog s%^t, you are not it!' These days I feel buried in doggy do with no way to climb out!

Sending interwebs chocolate and cuddles now.
Take care.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Enney, meanie minie mo sounds good to me. Sending hugs and chocolate.

Brittney said...

I so wish it was still that easy to make decisions!!!

My son is almost 3 and i feel like hes growing up way to fast so I can imagine how you feel with older ones!!

Sending virtual hugs.. sorry im keepin the chocolate!! haha!! :)

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

This is real life, isn't it? Otherwise, how do we get to that alternate reality?

Hugs regarding the growing of wee ones. I'm having a hard time with that too and I am just the Gram.

We are past the 33 week mark (one big whew), but still....I want it to be over, yet I want him to stay and bake some more. I am conflicted, to say the least.

Blossom said...

sending lots of hugs and tons of virtual chokky

take care

nellbe said...

I missed you! Hope you are ok. I am sending hugs and choccy too

Debbie said...

We always miss you!

Anonymous said...

I had my only for 6 years before the second and third (followed by 4 and 5). He's 23 now, but I'm really feeling the teen angst with the next one! And, yes, I miss the days when fix-it solutions to right their worlds were soooo incredibly easy! They could be so torn up, then nap and the world was new again.

Motherhood is a true grit faith walk! I hope tomorrow brings you some bright smiles to tide you over:)

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