Monday, 2 November 2009


Over the weekend I Spring cleaned the Brothers' 'wardrobe' . I had a jumble of mixed emotions.

It was a relief to de-clutter and tidy but I felt wistful and sad that I'd tossed out another link to my childrens' not so very distant toddler pasts and babyhood.

So, I'm packing up S & J's outgrown clothes or winter stuff that I know won't be needed again to next year.

The too small stuff makes me a little sad . I took a look in the box of their infant 0000 & 000 clothes that are now way too small now. It's so hard to imagine they were that tiny.

Sad, that my little boys are getting bigger.
Sad, that I will never see these clothes again ...on my children
Sad, that we never got to have other children and the sadness that came with losing one of our children.

They were asleep when I started. The moment they woke and spied their favourites in the too smalls (there were 3 x huge plastic tubs) , I was sprung. It got ugly and it was bad.

Bad, that they are now smart enough to know I am taking the stuff away, forever.
Bad, that they were quick enough to grab a few items back.
Bad, that they know if they scream loud enough I'll give in [at least for the moment ;)]
Bad, they changed clothes again.

The highlight was discovering a box of too bigs we had missed .A few bits and pieces from my nephew (7 ...but been through other kids too). They were mostly winter tops size 4 or stuff only fit for preschool. A few highly coveted pairs of spiderman P'js and a Spidey dressup (I think) were among the stash. The Brothers' were glad. So was I.

Glad, they changed clothes and I had time to hide away the boxes.
Glad, for good friends who give us their too smalls that fit perfectly. The boys love the 'new' clothes.
Glad, that I was given the chance at all to make these memories.
Glad for another who also gave us their 'Spidermans' they had outgrown ...thanks Mum-me Dragon.

Ok, Okay, just cracked open a, actually, DH made me a cuppa tea. I'll be feeling better soon after I crack open a block of Chocolate currently unmelting in the fridge.
It's going to be a sorcher tomorrow 35 ° C (95F) so keep your cool.

Days of Grace 22/365

  1. Monday morning swimming lessons
  2. Husbands who make a great mug of tea.
  3. Small boys who give the best hugs.
  4. Holding the hand of a small boy or two.
  5. This is as nostalgic and as melacholic as I'm likely to get this week.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I get sad when i put the too small clothes away too. I can't believe how fast the time goes.

Nicolasa said...

Just found you through NaBloPoMo. Loved your post today. It was sweet. I am now your newest follower!

Anonymous said...

yup.....they grow up waaaaaaaaay too quickly.


The Bumbles said...

That was a very sweet post - I love how they interrupted your memories, bringing you back to the present to appreciate the memories still to come.

Cathy said...

oh i know just how you feel!! half the time i just cant bring myself to throw certain items out...but some must go :( others get passed down...and down again :) oh, im gettinga ll teary thinking about my own boys growing up!

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