Friday, 13 November 2009

Are we there yet ?

Next year we have a plan or maybe a dream to travel in a caravan for a few different trips across our vast continent. Most especially we want to see Western Australia . Did you see my post yesterday...well the penguins too (the little Drummer boys are in love with penguins)

We may also spend some time living (working) on a family owned small 2000 acre farm in Central West NSW.

It all depends to some extent on what our teen does with regards to his further education. He finishes formal schooling in 3 weeks. he has applied for positon at a TAFE course.

We haven't had a proper holiday in 15 years. Running our own business has kept us from doing so. The past seven months we have been winding down areas of our business to make life easier and less complicated. The stress has been debilitating and we want a change. To be able to enjoy life more and live simply.

The caravan will become our home away from home when in Sydney (our 'home' town) too as we plan to sell our current home, soon . Our twins won't go to school until 2012 so we have two years to get settled again.

The decision about selling our home hasn't come easily , I know it is just bricks & mortar but it holds so many memories good & bad.

Packing up the dreams (and Charlotte's roses) we have planted here will be incredibly hard and heart wrenching.

I am looking forward to the intrepid adventures both on the farm and in the caravan , the local interactions and character filled accommodation venues.

The caravan holiday will be a matter of careful planning with the seasons and choice of destinations. A week in some places is hardly enough to do justice in our scenically diverse country. Though the distance we have to travel from A to B is immense. Stretches of 1000's of kms of the dry dusty desert of Nullabor with nothing in between and up the West Coast of Australia.

Still, the best laid plans ...It all seems so far away at the moment. Beyond reach. Just a sweet dream of adventures and an escape.

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