Sunday, 27 September 2009

Weekly Winners 37 2009

September 20th - 26th

We had a wild dust storm early Wednesday morning smothered the East Coast of Australia . I was so glad it wasn't Tuesday.When we had a very start for my BAHA surgery.

As far as I can tell there is a cap of some kind covering the screw and dressing underneath.
My husband said the Surgeon didn't shave /cut too much hair.

It was like waking up on Mars or maybe the end of the world.
The sky turned burnt red...then orange...
then a dirty brown
Our normally blue car ...

Let's play Catch ...
He is speed ! Like his twin ...

growing up so quickly
Leaving todderhood for dust !

Motherduck is back ...sitting her nest , on the island on the inside of my Brother's pool.
Remember two years ago ...

Camoflauges herself well
LOL - Mum still has this rock I painted over 20 + yrs ago ? ... used it as a door stop !
Now it is just sitting on the wall at my Bro's.

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