Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's done ...part 1

Firstly , BAHA update. All went to plan yesterday, after being given the wrong fasting and operation times last week. Fortunately, I found out Monday afternoon and was able to reorganise my plans for the small boys.

We had to leave home by 5.45am and DH drove them into the city to drop me off at the Hospital. Then he took S & J back to my SIL's and Mum's place.

I couldn't bear the thought of leaving them overnight and not seeing them before my surgery. I didn't want them upset if they went to bed at Nanny's and woke up during the night upset because I wasn't there.I have never left them overnight. My anxiety levels skyrocket at the very thought. There was also the chance I might have to stay overnight in hospital. So they stayed at home instead.

After a stressful drive in the peak hour traffic into the city, Dh not being sure of the way ( !) and me losing the plot while trying to navigate the way...we got there by 7am.

I didn't have long to wait , admitted , changed into the lovely pink gown .I had a chuckle at the man in his 'pink' gown too , clutching his rear end opening ties together.

I saw the Surgeon and anaesthetist and I was whisked into the operating theatre by 8am.
This time I was 'out' before I was wheeled in minute I was wide awake and heard them say head first or feet first (I guess it was what orientation the surgeon or anaesthetist required me to be on the trolley bed).

I don't even remember being moved to the operating table .Maybe they didn't want me to see the drill ...

I was thinking about the last time I was wheeled into an operating theatre It for my Caesarean section and I was so anxious about a live birth, of my twins. The previous time was for the IVF egg collection.

Anyway, stage 1 of my BAHA is complete and it wasn't as bad as I imagined .I was so glad to wake up. I had some very strange thoughts and fears. I can't even write them ...

The pain hasn't been so bad , I am impressed and relieved. The outer dressing and bandage I will remove today, and I go back next Wednesday for the surgeon to change the dressing.

I hope I can wash my hair today (with DH's help) because it feels terrible.When I woke in recovery it was wet and a bit stuck together.

Lucky the teen is able to get himself off to school and thankfully he woke up himself . DH discovered when he tried to give him a wake up call to the prepaid mobile (with no credit) the number had been disconnected.

DH then called house landline and DS was up and answered. Yesterday was the start of Y10 exams so phew !

I have to add .The Surgeon has impeccable bedside manners and he even called my husband on the phone after the surgery to let him know it all went well. I am impressed. He also came down to see me before I was discharged.

Today ...I feel good though I didn't sleep much.

I have so much to do. Following a schedule isn't easy.Things always seem to get left undone ... and forgotten. Plans go astray. Best intentions are just that...

Yet , even on those days when I may as well throw the schedule in the bin... there is still hope, this glimmer, this light that keeps me moving forward.

Babysteps ...1 step, 2 foot in front of the other. No looking back.

The light is getting closer.

I am glad it is Wednesday. It means ... Weekend , you are almost upon us.

Please enjoy your stay if you are here from ICLW !

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