Monday, 7 September 2009

My status ...

everywhere we go these 'daze' we have to have a status ...

Shhh I am addicted to FB status shuffle ...for a good laugh.

and so a 'the status quo' exists.

Status quo, literally "the state in which", is a Latin term meaning the current or existing state of affairs. So we blog about our current 'status', mostly or alternatively....

The related phrase status quo ante, literally "the state in which before", means "the state of affairs that existed previously.".

Another confession I shamelessly stole some of this next paragraph from somewhere ...

I am a mother, wife one time lover to my one and only but not always in that order. I have three boys and one husband - I am commited to them , they are an easy commitment to make. I write about them often. I devote the rest of my blog to whatever else amuses me, including my waistline , my cravings and my heartstrings .

I have never professed to be a writer but I enjoy writing on my blog.

So this post is pretty much about nothing you might think. Stay with me ... I am getting to the point .I think.

I confess I have been a bit disconnected from the online world the past week. As much as it is my favourite part of blogging.

I did it in order to connect with what’s truly important , my family , the real people in the my life, and the mundane everyday things I love doing (housework is not intentionally included in this category but Spring cleaning was what I spent a lot of time doing honour of Father's day).

Sometimes we must cut things out of our life for the sake of making room for what is really important. I have to breathe in, breathe out, and let go ... of why blogging matters so much. It does and it does not.

Cutting cr@p & clutter things out of our life not just for the sake of cutting, but for the sake of putting things in perspective. Is my life really going to suffer if I don't blog today or for 5 days ? Will my stats matter ?

I read a very significant post on blogging the other day (I was still reading your blogs just not commenting much). Titled ..the Evolution of a Blogger by Maggie @okay. fine. dammit.

It was thought provoking and the comments were just as awe inspiring. goes on and it continues to both surprise and delight me (I can live without the disappointments and stress though). The journey is more important than the destination and I'd just thought I'd share it with you , too.

"I love taking on the status quo, and trying to turn it upside down."Richard Branson

P.S You are my favourite..... but don't tell the others ;)

P.S.S. I keep hitting ESCAPE on my keyboard but I am still here!

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