Saturday, 11 July 2009

Waste time faster and other musings ...

I saw this funny sign here the other day for high speed internet with power boost .I like it and I'd like it.

I am forever wasting time waiting for my connections to connect or pages to load .I just want to hurry them up. Then I waste time ...well not that I don't learn, laugh and cry as I connect with humanity.

There are 86,400 seconds in day and I waste too many of them.Exploring my time wasting activities is anxiety building.
Sometimes I stress about the time I waste on the Internet. Time I should could perhaps be using more wisely or productively.
Time I could be doing more cleaning ..nah , cooking , spending with my family and playing with precious little boys.
Little boys who are growing in the blink of an eye and soon won't want to be seen in public with me *sigh* play with me.

I have read some tragic news stories and blog posts recently of children dying too soon or disabled in accidents.

So, today take some time out to hold your children close.
Tell them how much they mean to you.
Show them.
Play with them.
Get down on the floor dirty, messy and laugh! ...with them and at them.
Time is fleeting don't waste it. Time spent with your children is never wasted.
Oh and don't wish whatever stage they are at to be over faster ... I so miss the snuggles of my tiny babies, though preschoolers do give the best hugs.
They keep me on my toes but I couldn't imagine it any other way!thanks Heather

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