Friday, 17 July 2009

Ease a cold ...tell me how you do ?

Yes, I've been away and we all returned sick or sicker ...

In the blue corner, rocking ... on the recliner we have the 'man flu' with J, nursing a hearty dose of toddler temperatures , lung hacking cough , ear infection and a vomiting bug warming his lap.It is serious people.

In the brown corner his twin S with temperatures, similarly hacking cough ,red ears and a bump on the head thanks to mummy lifting him into the car.

Next to S is me, with the 'wife flu' , a still sore ankle and mouth ulcers.Woe is me ...because , well because yes people man flu is much more serious than wife flu ..of course you all know that !

I spent a small fortune at the Dr's, pharmacy (x two trips) and then the supermarket for tissues and anti cough mixture (that I just discovered under 5's can't have - poor babies) Mouth ulcer gel, and other 'commercial' natural remedies ...Ease a Cold please tell me it works.

So I am asking what do you do to ease a cold /flu ... Kate has already been suggested I send him to his mother ;). Unfortunately , the same toddler warming his lap has a serious case of Daddy adoration and I'd miss him...well both of them (never mind the whinging).

I act out of love in caring for them all and I really don't mind.I know I can handle things better being a former nurse and all.

One of my favourite quotes last week
# 40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.

My friend Janice thinks

Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.

I agree and I meditate on these four words well being a family blog ... This, too will pass ...

Seriously ...what do you do when you have a cold /flu symptoms to ease them ?

Share your best tips ...please and help me out !

Ps S is now asleep cuddled up to me on the lounge ... yes he is still sick it is now even 8pm and no where near HIS IDEA of bedtime and OMG he hasn't had his milky.

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Blossom said... a liquid.
In a small bottle from supermarket or health food shop or chemist.
Revolting to taste but my girls actually ASK for it when they are sniffly.

hugs all round.

tiff said...

I gave mine the anti cough mixture. Yes, even the littlies. I just calculated the dose.
Mine all took the ease a cold capsules too and they are alot better.Not sure if it was just the 10 days of flu having run its course or the pills.

Hugs Trish. I hope your household becomes well again soon.
You know I am feeling the guilt.

Alison said...

What I do to cure EVERYTHING.....

Eat more chocolate ;-)

Echinacea is good. So is olive leaf extract and hot honey, lemon and ginger drinks.

Feel better soon!!!

Mum-me said...

You poor dears - I know what you're going through having just had the flu myself plus 3 sick children to boot.

I tried the Nyal brand cold/flu capsules from Woolies and I'm afraid they didn't do much for me except made me feel queasy with their garlicky after taste.

Yes the 'man flu' is a much more serious complaint. I was sick for a week before HB noticed, and then he said "How do you know you have the flu?" (Grrrrrr!!!)

I use Dimetapp cough & cold elixir for the littlies. (Green stripe on label) I found it does help, and my girls all love the taste - they ask for it even when they're not sick. (Can have it from 2 years old.)

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I just hydrate the heck out of everyone. Lots of juice, water, and popsicles.

Courtney said...

Our doctor always told us that it is fine to give our children cough and cold medicine as long as we know the correct dose. Triamenic(sp) is a life saver in our household. I just call the doc and he gives me the correct dosage according to our children's weight. He said the reason most meds say 5 and over is because too many parents over does their young children because they do not consult a doctor as to how much should be really given.

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

Crazed Mom said...

Oh my dearest...try to rest as much as the Y chromosomes will allow. I did give my boys cough/cold meds especially when they were out of infancy. The advice to not give these meds to under 5's has only been in the last year or two.

Best of luck.

Jayne said...

Baby panadol and baby Nurofen or Demezin or Dimmetap.
Forget meals, go with liquid diets that are kind to sore throats like ice cream, soups, hot chocolate ( milk is a food).

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Blossom thanks will check this one

@Tiff - do not feel guilt , it is everywhere.We have the ease a cold and I might calculate a wee dose for the boys.Though on antibiotics they are heaps better today. Hope you house is better and stays well too.

@Alison - top tip , knew they were getting better when they asked for smarties ...sadly chocolate vomit is not on my list today.
Do you use powdered ginger ?

@Mum-me - he what ! mine is a little the same except wife vomiting trumphs man flu ...he gets up from his sick bed for that.We have that Dimetapp on empty.

@Secret mom thoughts - thank you popsicles sound like a great idea.

@Courtney - thank you I should calculate a smaller measured dose.There is nothing they can't have in it.

@Janice -"try to rest as much as the Y chromosomes will allow" LOL well 4 x y's makes it fun but I can see DH picking up slack today.He is a good fellow all things considering ...he is sick too I don't deny it.

@Jayne - have to search for a good chicken soup recipe I think. Liquid diet sounds so good.Dh said he has had trouble swallowing.MMM love a hot choc right now ...don't like idea of hurling it back.

Mistress B said...

horseradish, garlic and lots of vit c

closely followed by vix on everyone and eucalyptus oil in the oil burner

closely followed by chicken soup and dvd's while cuddled under blankets on the lounge

I hope you are all on the mend by now

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