Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tonight ...tomorrow

Tonight marks the end of another trip around the sun for my babies.

Tonight I have kissed, hugged and said goodnight to my 2 year twin sons ... tomorrow I will be woken in the early hours by my "move over MUM" 3 year olds.

Tomorrow they won't look any different from tonight but so very much from 3,

2 2007

and or even 1 year ago.

Tonight I still have 3 dozen mini cups cakes to bake ...tomorrow I will ice and decorate them for preschool(daycare).

Tonight I have a few presents to wrap (I am so behind) ... tomorrow two 'bigger' little boys will start the first day of their fourth trip around the sun.

I thank God for my amazing life with them and I hope all their dreams come true.

I have a video montage we made on DVD but havn't yet worked out how to put it into a blog post version ...maybe tomorrow

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