Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tonight ...tomorrow

Tonight marks the end of another trip around the sun for my babies.

Tonight I have kissed, hugged and said goodnight to my 2 year twin sons ... tomorrow I will be woken in the early hours by my "move over MUM" 3 year olds.

Tomorrow they won't look any different from tonight but so very much from 3,

2 2007

and or even 1 year ago.

Tonight I still have 3 dozen mini cups cakes to bake ...tomorrow I will ice and decorate them for preschool(daycare).

Tonight I have a few presents to wrap (I am so behind) ... tomorrow two 'bigger' little boys will start the first day of their fourth trip around the sun.

I thank God for my amazing life with them and I hope all their dreams come true.

I have a video montage we made on DVD but havn't yet worked out how to put it into a blog post version ...maybe tomorrow

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Ree said...

They're beautiful. Happy Birthday boys! Congratulations Mama.

Jeanette said...

HUGE happy birthday to the boys :) Hope it's a fab birthday!

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Awwww, Happy 3rd birthday Sam and Joel.

Born together, friends forever.

Alison said...

Happy birthday, beautiful boys!!!!!
And happy birthing day to you, beautiful mum!!! xx

Blossom said...

happy birthday Joel!!!
Happy birthday Sam!!!!

happy *birth* day to you mumma.

Super Sarah said...

Happy Birthday boys! May you grow big and strong and live long and happy lives!

Brenda said...

such lovely boys you've got there Mama Trish.xx

jeanie said...

Wow - again? Already?

Happy (somewhat belated) birthday - and mother's anniversary - to all of you!

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