Friday, 5 June 2009

Things I can tell you

Things I can tell you

  1. That YES , I do have a brain unlike the scarecrow. I am feeling a lot calmer, after my post last week, knowing there are no abnormalities after a Brain CT. Relief beyond measure.
  2. That I am glad my husband is a safe, courteous driver. He pulled the little tip truck he was driving to his Dad’s farm over numerous times to let other drivers past. Minor inconvenience to us but saves frustrated and inpatient drivers taking dangerous risks.
  3. DH wasn’t quick enough for the moron that overtook my 4wd, then my husband (in tip truck) in the one long stretch, across double lines, on a bend, up a hill, The idiot almost had a head on collision with a driver travelling the opposite direction .The other driver fortunately SAW HIM just in time and had a wide shoulder to pull over to avoid a serious accident.
  4. That I am glad we are slow packers and had a slow trip because it meant we weren’t involved in a fatal accident about 30 mins from the farm. A woman died at the scene, male was air lifted by rescue chopper and two others taken to hospital. All before we arrived .That the road was closed for 3hrs but we only had to wait 20 mins and we didn’t have to turn back and take an hour or longer detour .I wouldn’t have minded considering the circumstances, I am just saying...
  5. That I prayed for the people involved. I can’t imagine their grief. Today the local paper said a driver was overtaking a learner driver .It is a long straight country road and he allegedly lost control on the bitumen/gravel and hit a tree.
  6. That I’m glad my toddlers slept for 3hrs of the 6 and half hour trip (normally 4 hrs).
  7. That I’m glad we have a portable car DVD player that kept them occupied for the reminder. I was driving alone in the car with them and it made it easier to concentrate on safe driving because they weren’t cranky and bored. We did have a break for their dinner. (The wonderful Golden Arches)
  8. That the same toddlers were still bouncing around the room at 11pm...
  9. That the local park is about 8kms away...or 8mins? Whatever
Things I can’t tell you
(ps I told my teddy bear all of my deep dark secrets. I miss him. Poor teddy, he knew too much).
  1. The worries and bizarre thoughts of #1 above that have been making me feel so bleak. The small things that made me sweat ...incredibly so.
  2. Why I am such an anxious worrier.
  3. Why some people are so impatient and take extreme risks when driving to save a few minutes but could potentially wipe out lives, their own, family or others forever.
  4. How I am going to survive the weekend with very limited internet access? Don’t answer that! [See #9 ...where mobile broadband works].
  5. Why I had a dream about being a secret agent and the coded message that told me I had to get Internet access to get the next message... I woke up!
  6. Why teenagers have to be so rebellious, get angry and throw a wobbly when you organise for someone to stay at home with them so they can still have their own plans for the weekend.
  7. Why teenagers have a better social life than their parents.
  8. How we (or DH in fact- because no way would my teen ever let me supervise him) will survive having a learner driver in the house ...especially in light of the accident last night. Our teen turns 16 in two weeks.
Please stay safe if you are travelling this long weekend. Slow down and have an overflowing cup of patience. Take a break regularly and set a good example for everyone.

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Alison said...

Some very, VERY important messages there.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Alison (hugs) I was thinking of you Kewl girls as I wrote this.

Natalie said...

I am glad that a friend of mine has a brain, it is kinda one of my requirements!
Sad,sad,angry at Morons who DO NOT THINK ( especially on the roads)!!!!!!!
That is why my friends have to possess a brain.

Enjoy your stay,love.xx♥

Mum-me said...

I too cannot understand drivers who will take a risk rather than wait a few minutes. So often someone zooms past me and I just mosey along, and then I catch up to them at the next traffic lights only to see them speed away again as soon as it turns green.

I've just been reading your info post, and I realised we have more in common - I also had obstetric cholestasis and my eldest daughter's birthday is 1st July.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad you are ok. I hate risky drivers.

Queen Of 4 Kings said...

Well said my friend.....This is one of my favorite posts from you.
Risky drivers scare me too!
Have a good weekend ((hugs))

Jayne said...

A little patience on those long roads can mean the difference between life and death in an instant.
Glad you were all safe, Trish!

M+B said...

Have a fabulous weekend :)

PlanningQueen said...

Glad the brain CT was okay. Glad that you are all safe, impatient drivers make me cross.

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